Our Process

1. Discovery

At the start, before we discuss specifics about your website we sit down with you and get to your “Why“. We look at your business goals and really get a good idea of what you need. We help you get focused so we can build or create something that will meet your business needs. We then go into the blueprint of how this will all come together.

2. Design

With a clear vision of your goals, your “Why” and the results you need, we focus on the design and functionality of your project to make sure it matches up with the desired results.  Once the design is approved we start into the development phase.

3. Development

This is where we get into the nitty gritty of your website, the development and functionality.  We stay in close contact as we build the site to make sure it meets the goals established in the Discovery phase.

4. Testing & Support

In the final phase, we test the site to make sure it is working properly before going live. Once we we have worked out the kinks, we launch your site. We then closely monitor it for another month to make sure everything is working smoothly. If there are things that are still not working well, we fix them. With our care plans we monitor your website to keep it updated, secured and backed up regularly.